About Us


Founded in 2010 in East of Auckland, Yan’s Chinese Medicine is the most comprehensive Chinese Medicine Clinic in Auckland, we serves the local and more than 50 countries' customers for more than 13 years.

At Yan's Chinese Medicine Clinic, we're committed to our patients, and dedicated to our mission of serving the community in which we live. For more than 13 years, we've been transforming lives, and delivering success in treating and prevention of diseases.We are committed to deliver the best services to our patients by providing the best Practitioners, best treatment, modern facility, comfortable and friendly environment, safe and effective herbal medicine, and caring staff. 

- About Acupuncture/Herb:
We only use the one-off use needle, the clinic environment was proved by NZASA and NZRA officer. We are using modern Chinese herbal medicine that is boil free, it is very convenient to take and effective. 

- About ACC:
We are ACC registered Clinic. All practitioners worked in Yan's Chinese Medicine clinic are exceptionally experienced and qualified in their areas of practice:

- About our Practitioners:

  • All of them were graduated from famous and recognized Medical Universities studying Chinese Medicine and acupuncture.
  • They hold Bachelor, master or PHD degree. They were trained in both Chinese Medicine and Western Medicine and are competent both forms of practices.
  • They are ACC registered Acupuncturist.
  • They have at least 5 years clinical experience.
  • They can speak English fluently.

If you or your family member have a disease that is difficult to cure, and treatment from Western Medicine has been ineffective, we can help. Please call us at 09-9280058(East Auckland)  to make an appointment. We shall provide the best TCM treatment for you.