William Yan


William Yan

  • ACC registered Acupuncturist;
  • Member of  New Zealand Acupuncture Standards Authority;
  • Bachelor of Health Science for Acupuncture;
  • Chinese Herbal Medicine Practitioner;
  • Founder of Yan's Chinese Medicine Clinic;
  • Special at: Therapeutic Massage, Acupuncture, Cupping and Herbal Medicine.
  • More than 13 years New Zealand clinic experience;
  • Language: English and Chinese.

   “No one is useless in this world who lightens the pain of someone else.

William YAN is the founder and clinical director of Yan's Chinese Medicine Clinic, one of the best comprehensive Chinese Medicine Clinic in Auckland. After receiving his Bachelor of Chinese Medicine at New Zealand Collage of Chinese Medicine, he registered as an ACC Acupuncturist at 2013, now he is doing the treatment between Chinatown  and Remuera branches.

"I am following by my father, who have more than 40 years Military hospital experience, when I was youth. My father like to teach me some medical knowledge, both western medicine and traditional Chinese medicine, any time, any where:  when we walking in the park, he will show me some inconspicuous plant and let me guess which part of the plant can be use as a herbal, sometimes he feel lucky to find a bone on our dinner table and explain the joint damaged..."

Following by father or following by master are most traditional way by studying traditional Chinese Medicine. William following by his father, but not totally focus on Chinese Medicine in the time of IT. His first degree is bachelor of Science in information system as most of youth 80 generation. After 3 years working with computer he felt his interesting was losing quick.

"I was thinking the rest of my life will facing on the computer without community with real people, that was very terrible. I had to change my life, to be a Chinese medicine practitioner. Now I am very happy to face on to my patient every day. I think my patient and I both share the positive energy to each other. "

In fact, to change the career from IT to TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) was not easy. My father said: "You have to study in medical school, through I can teach you by my way." So William spend 3 years on getting bachelor degree of Chinese Medicine and assisting his father in Chinatown Clinic.

"In the 3 years study, I updated some blank of my knowledge both on Western and Chinese medicine, also better understand of New Zealand health system and culture. In this 3 years, I never treat any patient even I am confident with some common disease. That is because my father now allowed, he told me: ' Do what you only should do now - learning. When you are ready you don't need to worried about the patient.' I think the point of my father was testing my temperament - Patience, which a good TCM doctor must to have. I think my father was satisfied for my performance."

Now, in 2023, William works 6 days per week at East clinic and West Clinic. His ACC treatment is different with others, he like to combine with Therapeutic massage, Acupuncture, cupping and moxabiton together, for different patient choose different treatment plan. For some patient he also suggest some Chinese herbal medicine to support the treatment. Most of his patient have significant effect.